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Not everyone on the thread shared the same outlook. Cockroaches and Long Term Cancellations I had an internship in a foreign country not tropical, and not at all known for big problems in the slightest. You have to use the search box to find the rest.

If the cancellation came from the hosts, then they should reimburse our payment with no question. Effort results in mysterious emails, direct from host, requesting that we wire transfer funds to an account in the Ukraine. Instead, after much time, the host had the property manager take a look at the room and report to the host. Home Away is the way to go. This was our first time using Airbnb.

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And not being able to wash and dry my clothes after outdoor activities. Point is, I don't I care what you do back home. Five months on and no one has taken any action. Last year August when we were travelling in Sicily, I got a message from the host two days before we were going to Taormina that my reservation was cancelled.

Wow reading these stories will make you a complete skeptic and not trust anyone. Our reason for staying at the this house was to attend a local music festival close by. She yelled at us and refused again.

Also, I have seen recently that MisterBnB has started asking for some money as security deposit which you should pay to the owner once you arrive at the place where you're staying. This place is a wreck, and she is an insecure host, who takes out her issues on her guests really, really uncomfortable to have to hear when I was there. The host has been so uncooperative, wrote a bad review about my friend who booked the place, and now he is trying to tell lies about our group to Airbnb so he can keep the security deposit. Called airbnb and they were incredibly helpful.

My account is locked, dating similar because of some sort of security for me. Holes in the wall are made into villas etc. Please ensure your face can be seen clearly in your photo.

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Any experience you would care to share in public or via private mail is much appreciated. Not sure whether I'll do it next year. There are also the ones who go the extra mile by taking my laundry to the cleaners, buying or cooking me breakfast, leaving me a fridge full of food and offering me Ibuprofen when I have a hangover. The day before my departure, i had checked my airbnb apps and the status was still confirmed. It was so high season for Taormina that it was damn it very difficult to find a reasonable price accommodation in such a short notice.

  1. It was paid for and confirmed.
  2. But in so so doing, you give up the advantages of a hotel - staffing, quiet, fresh daily linens, etc.
  3. We booked a hotel and left right away- losing the money that we had paid for the second night in this Air bnb.
  4. Do not expect you will get help from them, please forget about their insurance.
  5. So we contacted Chelsea saying that our family was not going to leave the house and would be staying for the time we had planned.

Sounded like a pain to me between washing the sheets, making the bed and being there when people arrive. Despite paying a cleaning fee, we cleaned everything we could. If the Guest remains for part or all of the stay despite the Travel Issue, the Guest will receive a refund that will reduce the amount of the Accommodation Fees ultimately paid to you. Most have pics of the place - if any area is ommitted, it is probably because it doesn't look as nice. She had a guy roommate handling everything for her, bap dating although she did not tell me this was going to be the case.

Caroline falsely reported that there is a camera or a recorder in her room. She did, and we had amazing sex. When they check out, they keep my place in its original condition, throwing out their own garbage. Furthermore I stated that it was not a malcious message, your reaction and interpretation shows us that you have an understanding messages. Take pictures, always, there is nothing like concrete evidence.

If price is not your primary concern, you may still want to go Airbnb simply because you do not want to have a procession of staff members checking your minibar, your bathroom, your room. Reported one of them to airbnb, and they never took his account down, although he confessed to them. My neighbour is a host of airbnb and she keeps her standard very high. We once again contacted the owner asking if he knew where the hair dryer was stored, he replied saying it had broke and a previous person had thrown it out. It's not my problem that you lost your job or are a poor student.

If you as a Host dispute the Travel Issue you may notify us in writing airbnb. We folded blankets and put them away. There was a dead squished cockroach, pee and hair all over the toilet which we had to clean, hair and dust all over the bathroom. Every Airbnb host has a set of house rules that guests can read before they book.

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  • The following points summarize why we feel we are entitled to a reimbursement, either from the hosts or Airbnb.
  • He was also drunk and was holding beer in his one hand.
  • There are plenty of hotels out there.
  • The reason is simple as everything was done and communicated in airbnb apps.
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One guest was excited about traveling abroad for the first time. It is important to correspond with or call the host before committing to a rental to clarify anything about the rental that is not absolutely clear. Sheets and towels wear out in a hurry when you wash them every day. Think long and hard before you do an AirBnB. Cleanliness was nearly impossible.

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What kind of mickey mouse is that? It was owned by an architect and was stunning. Among my favorites are the independent ones who go off and explore on their own, understanding that I have a full-time job and my own life outside of Airbnb. As soon as possible, get a direct contact number or email.

Not to mentioned non paying guests staying overnight. The other tenants were also super noisy and inconsiderate of us! Had also a terrible experience. But don't get the wrong idea about the site, it is very professional. Different hosts have different strategies and different offerings.

Airbnb is nothing but a piece of crap. Was it better than your Aibnb? Facebook Icon The letter F. Anyway it is a terrible experience and we will not bring people into our house anymore. This was the first weekend I've had to myself in months.

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Below I will relay the correspondence I received after the request of a refund. Our host a former police officer had his bother who lived close by spy on us repeatedly throughout the first evening. When I returned home, dating I decided to be an Airbnb host myself. Business Insider contacted Wagner and Sam to confirm these incidents but did not hear back. We decided to get a room and figure it out in the morning.

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