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  • Alice, suffering from a terminal illness, allows Freddy to kill her so that she can pass her powers onto her son, who then summons the spirits of Freddy's victims to battle him.
  • She does this by pulling him into the real world from her dream, disarming him with various weapons, and stabbing him in the abdomen with his own glove.
  • Because of this, she is uncomfortable when her co-star Robert Englund who portrayed the character in the films nearby despite knowing his innocence.
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She shares some story similarities with Nancy Thompson. Criminal or Civil Court records found! Learn more More Like This.

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He confides his fear in his friend Ron and asks him to watch over him while he sleeps but as Ron himself passes out, Freddy manifests and murders Ron. When Nancy is requested to see his body, she notices the claw marks on his chest. Kristen is killed by Krueger but not before passing onto her the ability to summon others into her dreams, how do you inadvertently also passing it onto Krueger. He is sent to the shelter because his father's demanding expectations have driven him to marijuana. Stolenberg was en route to his execution before the accident occurred.

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After he sees news of a murder at Lori's house, he escapes with Mark Davis to help her. Tracy ultimately helps Maggie kill Freddy, providing her with the pipe bomb she uses to destroy him. Her mother, Loretta, discovered Freddy's hidden room containing his blade gloves and other evidence of the killings before being killed by him herself, which Katherine, building dating confidence witnessed. Lisa attempts to help Jesse realize that Freddy is dead until she sees him manifest in the real-world through Jesse's body.

This, however, is not considerably canon to the film series. Oddly, his body emerges from the hole of the mattress, where the blood came out, and falls, hitting the bed. This third-party data is then indexed through methods similar to those used by Google or Bing to create a listing.

Family, Friends, Neighbors, or Classmates with Court records! When they reveal his corpse, Freddy comes to the real world and takes control of his bones. How do you know this person?

Merit and Lisa are the blond identical twin daughters of Tim and Sarah Blocker. Greta Gibson is a friend of Alice Johnson and subject to an overbearing mother, Racine. He later abducts Dylan into his own hellish realm, forcing Heather to follow.

Amanda Wyss (N) 42 - Mexico MO Background Report at

Polish immigrant Karol Karol Zbigniew Zamachowski is humiliated in a public courtroom by his wife Delpy during their divorce proceedings. Though he is believed dead, he is able to break through a mirror and drag Nancy's mother Gwen into it. Jesse fights back against his control and Freddy instead turns on the other teenagers present, murdering seven before disappearing. Browse our Comic-Con guide.

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  1. She promised to never tell, but the police discovered the murder Freddy thinks Katherine told them, but it's never confirmed.
  2. She watches over him in the hospital when his mother is taken away.
  3. Jason script written by Damian Shannon and Mark J.

Amanda may have records indicating that they have been evicted from their home. Check Full Background Report to see local, state and federal court documents, sensitive legal information and any litigation that Amanda may have been involved in. Check Full Background Report to see a complete list of any and all eviction records Amanda may have. After his girlfriend Amanda Wyss ditches him for a boorish ski jock, Lane John Cusack decides that suicide is the only answer. See detailed background report and Reputation Score for Amanda Wyss.

Her father abandoned his family shortly after, and her mother began dating other men. They share feelings for each other and begin dating while Jesse becomes increasingly erratic under the influence of Freddy Krueger. Personal Professional Dating. Krueger holds him hostage in the dream world to lure in Nancy and the other teenagers at the hospital. Alice Johnson is a teenager and friend of Kristen Parker.

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Taryn has a history of drug abuse and while at the hospital she is sexually harassed by male orderlies. View All Addresses View All. He became Freddy's first murder victim, when a teenage Freddy stabs him with a razor as he was being beaten with a belt. He is later freed by Nancy and Kincaid before discovering that his dream power was a powerful, deafening voice which he uses to save them all from Freddy's attack.

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Nancy later finds his headphones in Freddy's realm. Freddy uses images of the murdered Tina to torment Nancy when she falls asleep. Debbie Stevens is a friend of Alice Johnson. Audible Download Audio Books. Dean wakes up and takes a knife to defend himself but as he falls asleep again, Freddy uses the knife in his dream to cut Dean's throat, killing him.

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What's a Background Report? Following this incident, he divorces Nancy's mother. After a harrowing nightmare of Heather's that leaves his fingers wounded like they had been in her dream, she hesitates letting him leave for his latest project. She appears in Wes Craven's New Nightmare as main character, but as Heather Langenkamp, because the film overlapping reality.

She does not believe Alice's story of Freddy Krueger and thinks her paranoid behavior is the result of trauma from Dan's death. Quentin is romantically interested in Nancy, which she slowly reciprocates. It was obvious that she loved her husband and daughter dearly. Corri made a cameo appearance as a fictitious version of himself on Wes Craven's New Nightmare.

Along with the other sleep-deprived patients and Nancy Thompson, Taryn goes into her dreams to try to defeat Freddy who is holding Joey hostage there. What's a Reputation Score? As she sleeps that night, she is attacked by Freddy and brutally murdered in her dreams, hook the causing suspicion to fall on Jesse. Dylan delves further into psychosis while Nancy becomes increasingly paranoid over his death.

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This section needs expansion. Freddy prevents her from telling Alice how to stop him. At the end of that film she finally destroyed Freddy.

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