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House of Cards Season 2 Episode 12 script

Your asylum there is only temporary. Raymond Tusk has been subpoenaed. Email required Address never made public. And if I do, I will put you on your goddamn back.

We ve detected unusual activity from your computer network

The committee feels compelled to act because of hypotheses advanced by those in the media, such as yourself. No, it's his tactics, his precision, his speed. Underwood is disgraceful, because there is nothing more disgraceful than running from a battle. Look at the other screen, to the left. You want him on his ass, Frank.

First I need to know whether or not you funneled money through Lanagin's casino. Raymond Tusk entangled us with China and the casino. We used the casino to mask foreign contributions.

We can use that to prepare our defense in case there's an indictment. And early on you offered to sit down with me and find a middle ground. What we offer is progress. You're turning them against yourself.

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If I'm hearing you correctly, you'd like to keep Larkin's testimony focused on the money laundering. We should give him some money. Raymond offers to restore the flow of money back to the Democrats, but only on the condition that he repairs his relationship with the President, rialto casino no deposit something that Francis has no interest in doing.

Because it wasn't worth burning a bridge over. What do you think she has? Do you believe he's innocent?

House of Cards Season 2 Episodes 7 and 8

You told me she could stay. How can you be sure his testimony won't implicate the White House? At this very moment, the President is in the Situation Room. And my fear is that the President will be tried by the press. Because I am done trying to convince this woman in front of me to take my arm.

House of Cards Season 2 Episode 12 script

We can't waive the privilege, Garrett. There's nothing you can say that I don't already know. We helped put this on the radar.

Both trust and laws have been broken. Because I just spoke to him. Meanwhile, here's what I want. Don't shoot yourself in the foot like this.

You say that, but this could all backfire. It's like it's coming out of nowhere. It was gone before Lucas was in cuffs. That's how I choose to interpret it.

She's a powerful ally for us to have. Can't we agree that you and I served so that we could protect open debate, which is the very bedrock of democracy?

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And it is a shit-storm that will bring the Bureau right in front of Congress. Even if your code did get in there, you couldn't break it down. Look, Dunbar'll ask if I brought up China.

He basically did by forcing us to hand over the logs. So you're saying Durant acted of her own accord.

Just like he did with you. Let's make sure we're airtight on everything else. Not only between myself and those I counsel, but also between myself and the Lord. That's not what I asked, Dr.

Oh, it'll end soon enough when the bill goes to the floor. Tusk, I spoke with Xander Feng.

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And you know who isn't in the Situation Room? That's precisely why he'll talk to you. Larkin wrote the prescription to me knowing you would. Which are irrelevant to the investigation. Dolorem omnis soluta digniss Tuesday.

But I thought we could protect at least this. But I'm asking about medication. The President and his wife have never once attended your church.

This is because of what she said about you? Over the years we have often turned to our faith in times of adversity. It's only the beginning, Jackie. Your job is to get in the same room with him.