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By the late s, they were no longer putting numbers on the covers the white-vinyl version has no serial numbers on the cover. Just to underline how valuable these dusty old records can be, here's a brief list of some of the most expensive vinyl singles. If you ever want a great sounding slab of vinyl pick up the Blue Box and get everything else as bonuses. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. If you wanted it for the serial number on the front, it's not an awful deal.

The good news for you is that means there have to be other copies floating around town. They also recorded this and it was never released. Fearful of stirring up any further trouble, the label got cold feet and withdrew the sleeve immediately. Optimistically, only two sessions were originally booked.

It will be worth buying the book alone just for that explanation! And then I think there was a time when they stopped changing the numbers or didn't have the serial number on at all? Steve Hoffman Music Forums. The way the guy describes the album it seems like he knows what folks are looking for. Once again, three generations of purple labels exist.

  1. Both are great listening when you can't listen to the vinyl.
  2. It sounds drier than the cd, but the tonality is similar.
  3. Two plants pressed Beatles records, the indentation ring found on the labels allows us to easily identify which plant pressed a record.
  4. This mistake also happened on the orange label for this album.
  5. This label was lime green and was used until where it was then replaced by the similar red target label.

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The Beatles every album and single with its chart position

The Capitol website - Beatles Different Record Labels

Jim, Did you find this thread? This time the labels had a matte finish, and featured a white perimeter print on the black part of the label. Basically I just want to hear all the details you can give me. Most people throw away party invites, right? This variation of the Black Rainbow label was first issued in the early sixties T and has a glossy label.

This label was used for Beatles records until where they switched to their own label called Apple Reords. Which song title is more rare - the complete or abbreviated? There are no variations with different permimeter prints on Canadian pressings, but labels between and had a flat finish and were pressed by Columbia. Was this the normal way they did it in the box sets?

To any Beatles collector, of critical importance is the label. Before you buy any Beatles record, you must examine the label to ensure it's authenticity. Almost all the Beatles singles were pressed on this reissue label.

How bad did I get hosed BEATLES White Album USA Capitol SWBO 101 question

No blue starline was issued in Canada. And since the White Album is one of my faves I thought this might be a good place to start. Later reissues in Canada saw the album on the tan label and the sunrise label before being turned over to the Capitol purple label.

The second generation from is Canadian made and has a softer purple background with no Capitol logo in the perimeter print. Two different label variations were used for two different Beatles album, the regular label and the Polydor Special label and was pressed by Compo. Capitol still operated their pressing facilities, so some early pressings feature a medium sized ring on the label, while others have a large Columbia ring. The text on the label is silver print over the black label.

And was there any method to the letter prefixes? Some albums featured special custom labels made specifically for the album. This variation was first issued in the early sixties and has a glossy label. All mono albums were issued on the red and silver label as for stereo albums were pressed with black and silver labels.

But one of McLaren's acetates, used to hawk the band around new labels, is worth more. Hopefully this will tide me over til the Hi-Rez remasters come out! All the Capitol Beatles albums were reissued on this label, except for The Beatles Story and the three series albums. The first label variation on which Beatles records were pressed was the classic black label with a rainbow color band. It is identical to the original lime green label, but with different colors.

They are scarce and becoming harder to find every day which makes them an appreciating investment set to rise year on year into the future. Putting a precise value on anything is almost impossible. If you can wait a couple months, evidently Bruce Spizer has the full explanation, and the full story will be in his upcoming book on the Beatles on Apple. The orange label offered stereo versions of the three series albums for the first time.

The third generation was made by Capitol and is easily identifiable by its bumpy ridge. Some later singles were pressed on the beige starline label. It's all over the place soundwise. It has to have the right credentials.

Dating 78 rpm Record Labels

Led Zeppelin IV (ZOSO) 1978 purple vinyl UK LP
The Beatles U.S. Singles/Decca

No Apple single was issued on this label. The white album is no audiophile masterpiece. The retro rainbow version was not customized. And how about numbers around the world?

Beatles vinyl singles

Follow us on Instagram for the best in live music. We've been recording all day but the longer we go on the better they get. With laminated flip-back sleeves. The White Album's in these sets are actually non-laminated, non-embossed, non-numbered!

The Beatles - The Beatles Singles Collection (Vinyl 7 45 RPM Single)

No others Beatles title has been confirmed yet, but it is suspected that has also been pressed as it has been reissued on the later retro rainbow label. Some rare pressings were also made by Cinram. Anything by The Beatles and their spin-offs is worth an absolute fortune. And of course, the condition is also all important. The collectors value isn't the main reason for buying this.

The Beatles Abbey Road - Red Vinyl UK vinyl LP album (LP record)

We can see the new Capitol size ring on the label. You need the whole kit and caboodle. It is easily recognizable by the Capitol logo in the perimeter print and its darker purple background. Robert Johnson did, after all, maroon 5 victoria secret sell his soul to the devil and with only two photographs of him in existence there remains a hunger to get closer to the mystery. Third Man reissued a remastered version of the record on Record Store Day later that year.

The Beatles Singles Box

The evening session was added later. Singles for other custom label albums were pressed on the regular stock orange, dc dating hook up purple or retro rainbow labels. The front cover for the disc one is No. This label variation was kept until where Capitol Records of Canada was re-incorporated to Capitol Records Canada.

It is very evident it is embossed, whitby dating not just printed. The text on the label is also white instead of the old silver print over the black label. This was common practice for playback on stereo consoles. Two singles and no promos were pressed in Canada on this label.

They should all look that way. Want to discover a world of new music? Possibly, Capitol used up old orange labels to test their new home pressings before switching to the new purple label, but this would need to be confirmed. It was assumed that there were only two copies of this seven-inch Motown pressing, but rumours persist that more have been unearthed. This is probably a conservative valuation in these crazy days.

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Information about the Beatles White Album

Only Lady Madonna and Help! Like Jeff my copy in the separate jewel cases has a number on the book for disk one. An item is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

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