Dating marlin 39a rifles, dating marlin 39a rifles

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Brownells or Gun Parts Corp. Where is serial on marlin rc? Thank you, That is very helpful and explains it perfectly. When first made it had a straight stock in American Walnut. What year was the Marlin Golden Mountie serial P made?


This is one rifle that I always ended up with great results from the bluing process. Most rebluing jobs are over polished. On the same day she also produced another jagged one-hole group through the center of an Ace of Hearts playing card, while shooting off-hand. It was a semi-automatic and had the ammo feed in the butt of the stock. But, if it has rust, damaged wood, missing parts, or a bore that does not clean up, you can expect the value to fall fast.

Marlin 39A Serial number - Shooters Forum

It's a carbine length barrel. It is missing the white bullseye in the stock, online dating introduction lines and that will be soon taken care of. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. These two screw resemble the one on the right hand sde for take down.

What is the value of a Marlin Golden 39A

  • This folks answers the question of why they made this rifle with the large takedown screw on the side.
  • This model would have a straight pistol grip stock.
  • Originally Posted by pinecenega.

Marlin Firearms Collectors Association

It is one of the very few remaining. That's one of my favorite guns! What year was a marlin with serial number u made? You can buy this firearm and be assured that parts and repairs will not be a problem in the years ahead. When was this marlin rifle made the serial number is J?

We used to get together and ride our bikes out to a creek and shoot pieces of wood floating down the stream. But because they were well used they can be difficult to find in great condition. Some of the issues I would have with these firearms would be bad firing pins, weak extractors, weak hammers springs, hookup fishing report and some issues with feeding.

It would feed any type of. They did manufacture many of these firearms but the ones with collector interest must be an excellent condition. Using the Old style gun oils on the outside is fine and will not cost you a lot.


Rifle Parts

Look for a letter prefix that may be well ahead of the numbers too. They are good guns that hold their value well. What year was marlin A serial number H made?

In some areas of the country these prices will be higher. Mine does not show up on the stock either. Bore looks fairly clean to naked eye.

Todd, That can sure happen when they change owners and have an entirely new crew putting them together! This is the only model that is still manufactured pretty much the same way that it was made and assembled in the s. My real bad luck was that someone came into my burned out house, and stole the rifle. Serial number I found was under the lever. For Classic Firearms This is an area that I will give more details about in a separate article on this site.

Glenfield were the bargain priced guns Marlin made. The V prefix to the serial number dates your marlin to aug. What is the date of a marlin with a serial number of w?

  1. People who own them now keep them as family heirlooms to be handed down to sons and grandsons and just maybe great grandsons.
  2. They would also accept a scope that could be mounted nice and low.
  3. You do not need to over do it with those lubricants either.
  4. What is the age of this marlin serial number?
  5. What rifle was issued to the mounties after the Winchester became obsolete?
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Will need the serial number to your marlin if we are going to help you on this question. The Mountie model is more desirable to the Marlin collectors because of the sleek style and smaller numbers made. The screw that allows the easy takedown, however, is frequently criticized as it disrupts the otherwise clean lines of the rifle.

Keeping it clean would then be much easier to do and you would have a better shooting firearm. Push the hollow brass rod back in the tube and turn to lock and start shooting! It will be important if you ever need to order parts.

Marlin Conversion to Winchester. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kinda shows you how important they considered it to be.

Dating marlin 39a rifles

It harkens back to simpler times and guns that were almost all blue steel and high grade wood. Boys back in my youth would pickup Coke bottles and sell them back to the grocery store for a nickel a piece. Changes between models were so minimal the rifle is considered to have been continually produced to the same basic specifications for over years. And do it with good accuracy.


This just appeals to me a great deal and always will. That can sure happen when they change owners and have an entirely new crew putting them together! They would come in for repairs that would be caused from neglect and poor maintenance.

Marlin Model Golden 39A

These are extremely well made rifles. Because they were a popular firearm they would be one of those rifles that would be heavily used. There has never been a rifle with a more appropriate name. Later the front sight was notched on either side to slide a hood over the front sight to reduce glare. It would still be nice to see some pictures!

If I had only known that rifle would still be with me. They weigh almost seven pounds that gives a bit of heft to steady the rifle. Jon, That and you can hand it down through several generations as well made as they are. Many of these firearms were manufactured and can be found in fair numbers today. New at the time, I trusted the Dual Reticule and it holds zero quite well.

They were an easy firearm to work on and I always enjoyed working on them. After reading through all these posts I seem to be the only one that did this in reverse. With these funds we would buy our. It has been re-blued and looks very good.

Dating your 39 & 39A - Shooters Forum

It is also the best-selling lever rimfire in U. Thank you, very informative article bout a rifle I love. Glad you were able to determine the age of yours.

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