How can i hook up a car amp in my house, it still runs

Car batteries are usually made just to start car and not really for discharging them completely so if you would go that route you should use deep cycle battery. First make sure your amplifier is stable at impedance of your speakers. If you are using a converter that offers its own wire connectors, insert the power wire into the proper positive or negative connector, then turn or screw the connector to hold the wire in place.

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Can i hook a car amp up to my home stereo

How to Power a Car Stereo in My House

Step 2 Choose Your PSU

Well no problem, it's really simple and surprisingly inexpensive. They contain capacitors that are charged up to mains voltage and can be deadly. Well all you have to do is trick it. If you however still choose car amplifier then continue reading as i will try to provide as many information about it as i can.

You'll want to do it exactly like it was in your car. Once you have your two cables connected you're ready for your next step. If yours is buried under the carpet or run nicely under your back seat because your amp is far from your sub, don't rip it out.

Video How To Power A 12 Volt Stereo With Household Current

Isn't there concerns about overcharge or heat? Again make sure you do this at multiple frequencies to ensure output is completely clean. Now loosen the three power screws on your amp. Use max current rating of your power supply to choose your wire gauge. Let's say it's a Watt amp.

How to Properly Hook Up a Car Amplifier Inside the House 6 Steps

  • Make sure you start playing the song really quietly and turn it up from there until the sub is at a nice level.
  • This means that by using same power supply next step you can get more power with class D amp.
  • They're only a few dollars at most stores.
  • Diode should be high power, rated at least few amps more than your max charge current, high power bridge rectifier could also work since higher current ones can be screwed to heatsink.
  • Just go to any car audio shop and buy some speaker cable.

Video How To Power A 12 Volt Stereo With Household Current

Then tape it in with masking tape or some other tape that will hold it in. Fold out the paperclip so it's like one big arc like a narrow C shape. The only thing you have to worry about is if it provides enough power for your particular amp.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us. Or for using car audio in your home, then I would suggest using a watt solar panel mounted on your roof or outside a window in the sun close by where you will be listening. Check voltage on power inputs of your amplifier, tips dating if it drops under V it may trigger undervoltage protection on your amplifier. It won't be used and you don't want it shorting out so wrap it with several layers of electrical tape. So you have your amp ready?

Solar charging is inaudible while you listen to music, but using a v battery charger, you will hear transformer hum in the audio. If you've been lucky enough to get it working then post pics, links and whatever else to show your handy work off. There is one more optional step.

Step 1 Choose Your Warrior

This setup certainly has a kick to it, great for parties. As a good rule of thumb you should get psu that can produce same or higher current than fuses can take usually A on W amp. Find one of the lines with four pin, white molex connectors and then find the last connector on the chain. Because car stereos work off direct current, they can be effectively moved inside with only minimal hassle.

  1. My amplifier gets into protection when raising gain, what could be the problem?
  2. You can always turn down gain on amplifier.
  3. What would be the best way to get audio from the three?

If you have issues, check your manufactures website. Then sit back and enjoy some nice, indoor bass. Another power supply note, if this is going to be permanent then I highly suggest you follow one of the numerous test bench power supply mods on this site. Brought to you by Techwalla. Run speaker wire from your car stereo head unit to your speakers.

Can You Hook an RV Up to Your Home s Electrical System

Step 1 Forethought (update 17.3.15)

Connect the other end of the length of speaker wire to the corresponding speaker using the appropriate method for your make and model of speaker. Maybe a three position toggle one, really not sure how to word it three pole? Older power supplies tend to fail a lot and ebay sellers don't always list the max current ratings so if you want to be sure, get a cheap, brand new power supply from newegg. If you will be using a car battery to power your stereo, attach a battery terminal to the end of each power wire.

Car stereos provide a wide array of features, so many that some users feel tempted to move the stereo system inside for maximum enjoyment. The speakers themselves are pretty irrelevant as it's the amp that's taking the power. Attach the power wires to the power source. This info is ready available online, ac3 power source what isn't right? Now you need to attach the amp to the sub.

Personally I've never come across this but that's not to say it doesn't exist. Now that the higher number means it's less sensitive if the knob has numbering on the outside. You can use simple switch to short them together.

Make sure that the power wires don't touch the terminal next to them on the amp or you'll create a massive short that can spark and start fires. Depending on power of amplifier and power supplies. Unless you are doing something crazy just skip this step, in my opinion it isn't worth it for daily listening at normal levels. Use online charts to roughly calculate your wire gauge, telephone number but its always better to get bigger gauge as they will have less drop in voltage with higher current draws.

See the next step for those details. Here are the colours and the channels. Either way, you need some speaker cable to do it. If you wired everything correctly, you can turn on your amplifier now. Another power supply note, screw it they're all power supply notes.

As I ideally don't want to use a battery for the extra power. If you want to use a car battery for a temporary arrangement, dating the battery will serve as its own power source. Its always better to get as big wire as you can connect to your power input that is as short as possible and then use longer wires to your speaker.

If you're running two subs from one amp, hook each up separately. And a solar battery charge controller hooked up to a amp hour deep cycle battery. Hook your audio source to amplifier, play test tone and turn the volume up. Just for anyone who might be interested, here are my system specs. Now stick one end in the main power connector's green wire hole and stick the other end into any black wire's hole.

It Still Runs

Can i hook a car amp up to my home stereo
It Still Works
How to hook up a car subwoofer to your computer or home theater system
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