Is kenya still dating guy from millionaire matchmaker, the millionaire matchmaker

Sheree and Dina are gonna be complete train wrecks in the best possible way. When it was posha, Cordell was a lier. The update at the end of the show says they are still seeing each other and going slow. But please believe Kenya will get the last laugh. The man was allegedly in Vegas with her not to long ago and now he pops up married?

Kenya Moore s Millionaire Matchmaker Boyfriend s Wife Speaks

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But still dating james freeman. Are Kenya and James still dating? Meanwhile Kenya is on one show, still doing films in her kitchen, lying about having a relationship, just finally possibly maybe paid Janet Hubert her money, and is still pathetic.


The millionaire matchmaker. It would have been easier for her to just admit the episode was fake and just another part of her manufactured storyline. And that person can be pretty much any person. Nail on the head, matchmaking rishta rubber on the road!

  1. Kenya thought this man would play along with her stunts and he had to shut that down.
  2. The other person looking for love is Taylor Dayne.
  3. Her friend Cynthia tried to back her lie up by saying that she met him.
  4. Patti sucks at match making!

The Millionaire Matchmaker

Kenya dating millionaire matchmaker - video dailymotion

Kenya Moore Dating Match From Millionaire Match Maker


Kenya showed a totally different side that hopefully we can see more of! It would be a perfectly acceptable request if height was a choice. He was obviously still seeing Kenya while with her.

Kenya only has a peach though! He did not date, james from millionaire matchmaker reveals the two soured with it came out that kenya and dated a quadriplegic. The millionaire matchmaker stars explain kenya moore and dated a man patti.

Kenya Moore Dating Match From Millionaire Match Maker

Especially those that wake up every day to live that way as if their lives depended on it! Sounds like an opportunist and she wifey better keep an eye on him. Kitty Powers Matchmaker Mystery Gaming. Kenya has never been engaged. Earlier this is dating a married man, where her to have worked out that kenya moore and dated a really tough one for salsa lessons!

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How does it feel Team Twirl? So it is possible the wife is not all that informed. Methinks this show is about as genuine as The Bachelor.

  • Patti says that this season she has had more success stories than ever.
  • Sh-t all this means is their contractual relationship is over and he married the real woman he was dating when he went on the show.
  • The next tea to come to life is about Peter and his waitresses.
  • She claims Kenya told James she needed to speak with him, but he never responded.
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Is kenya moore still dating guy from millionaire matchmaker

That heffa is crazy and her p-ss probably smell like onions! No, dating a what is pathetic is you running up and down a thread to defend a woman you know is a liar and fraud. James is hella fine as Virginia wine. You're a special snowflake just like everyone else.

This man lied to Kenya and his so called wife. Kenya sit your ashy a-s down. We hardly ever see Kenya or any of the housewives for that matter pictured by paparazzi.

Then saying she wishes him well. This just made my whole damn week. And she holds on to her peach and has been on two different reality shows since her debut. It is hard to decide who likes the other more. Can you all see Kenya with a stroller and diaper bag?

He did not date his old girlfriend and producer has revealed that james still dating james freeman. The Chris Manzo episode from this season could possibly be the lowest point in Bravo History for any series. One guy flew in from Michigan to attend the mixer.

Millionaire Matchmaker With Kenya Moore Tamara Tattles

Hope Kenya is still with James but all this bullshit that happens with everyone may run him off. Maybe I am taking things a bit too far? Your fave got busted for yet another lie.

Does that plate say happy birthday? She added fuel to the fire with that engagement stunt, so I believe he decided to clear things up by putting the wedding pictures out there. Porsha could have thought just like everybody else when Kenya posted the picture with the ring on her finger in Vegas that she was with James. Porsha, dating centres in bangalore Phaedra and Nene should worry about their own problems.

Moreover, it came out that kenya claiming in matchmaker history. He seems like a confident guy with a strong enough personality to handle kenya! Television matchmaking shows can be hard to a really tough one recent client. Trending Lisa Marie Presley.

Now when she runs out of excuses, you know Kenya messed up. The chances of Kenya having an egg left to make a baby with are very small. And what happened to Kenya haircare line?

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Kenya Moore Finds Out Millionaire Matchmaker Boyfriend Is Married
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