My daughter is dating a bad guy, yahoo answers

So, she was hesitant to tell her mother anything and worried about needing health care and medication. What can I do to sabotage their relationship other than forbid her to see him which will only make them closer? All my best wishes for simpler days ahead, dating vanderbijlpark Deb.

How to Convince a Daughter She Has Picked the Wrong Guy

My daughter is dating a black guy what should I do

Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration to keep writing. Have fun with a drug record too while your at it. Just treat her right, race doesn t matter. Thank you so much for stopping by! Constant reminders might help her remember that she is better than the guy she is dating.

Refrain from telling her you think her boyfriend is like this or you might push her closer to him. It won't have much effect at first, but it will all eventually blow up, and when it does, india he'll look like a jerk. And being dismissive of people who disagree with your philosophy is kind of bigoted. This will make them even closer.

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For example, if she is dating someone you don't like, remind her of the rules in your household and the consequences that go with them, but do not use the boyfriend as an example. Now with that said, if my daughter came home and was dating some thuggish looking rapper type white or black or Mexican then I would be worried. And then, should they choose to keep dating this person, they are much less likely to share with you if and when they encounter any problems and need your help and support. So it s all cool if she gets knocked up by a white dude, you just don t want that big black dick in her.

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Daughter dating bad guy

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What to do when your friend is dating a bad guy

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It hurts you more than it could ever hurt her. However tempted you are to loosen up, hang tough. There is more out there to worry about then just getting pg. He's probably just searching for his identity.

You know, i agree with you. Connect with me on LinkedIn. We have been robbed of much and have been treated with cruel indifference for reasons that are very unclear to us.

Emotional closeness will give you the leverage and respect you need to discuss serious issues such as her relationship choices. Build your relationship with your daughter based on trust, respect and love. Play up your role as the victim as best you can, your daughter will get really mad at him and probably break it off.

How to Talk to a Teenage Daughter About a Bad Boyfriend

Even if guy she's dating doesn't commit one, he would almost certainly be related to or hang around felons. In fact, the entire town is talking about her. One of the best things I have read for ages.

And the same goes for if your son or daughter breaks up with this person and then gets back together, as is often the case in abusive relationships. Oh, by the way, my daughter doesn't need to date interracial to prove she's not a bigot. Give your daughter an ultimatum.

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  2. Would you like to prove once and for all that parents know best?
  3. Set and enforce the same set of rules for both your daughter and your son.
  4. They might decide to come backor you might get a fabulous new place to visit if you stay open to it.
  5. Make pointed remarks about his family, his friends, his clothes, the way he walks or talks or combs his hair.
  6. There may be nothing you can do to stop this if she is one of those white girls who is attracted to abusive black men.

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  • The Trouble with Online Education The one-night-stand of higher education.
  • He is now going to affect my grand daughters life too!
  • She had what we all thought was a normal, healthy upbringing and not to sound cliche, but she was the apple of our eye.

You want to talk to her about this guy, but you have to do it in a way that doesn't drive her further into his arms and out of your reach. Establish a clear protocol for how to disagree. Wolf, author and clinical psychologist. Under your disapproving eye, her resolve will evaporate.

Reinventing the Dharma Wheel. Gain credibility by showing your daughter that you know how to maintain a good relationship. If not, she'll convince him that he was in the wrong for blowing up and he'll apologize. But I had to see it for myself.

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Rid of Your Daughter s Dreadful Boyfriend

However, it becomes a problem when your teenage daughter's boyfriend is actually just a bad boyfriend and bad influence. Daughters need to be protected from predatory classmates. And his family chucked him out and she took him in! And, most of us found our way, however hard it was, however many times we fumbled and fell.

It's easier for your daughter to listen to your advice to end a bad relationship before she's spent a lot of time with the wrong boy. Cry, whine, pray aloud, lie in bed with your shades drawn. It took a lot more than that.

Cheryl, Your story sounds so much like mine. When we confronted him with it, he wanted to talk to my husband only. Remind her how wonderful she is, and how much she deserves to be treated wonderfully.

Help I Hate My Daughter s Boyfriend

Criticism and harsh judgement never work the way we hope they will. Your entire clan, dead or alive, dating brittany is disappointed in her. In the end its a never ending fight between teenage harmones vs parents harmones. My wife and i are coming to the realization that we probably need to do the exact opposite of all five of those suggestions above.

But the more we try to point out the issues, the more she goes to him. This type of guilt tripping could either cause your teen to hate herself if she still has a desire to impress you or to have self respect and dismiss you from her life and choices completely. We also dont believe in same sex marriage either. Drinking, ignoring curfew, dating dabbling in drugs-all this feels like freedom to her. And yes that makes you a racist.

How to Convince a Daughter She Has Picked the Wrong Guy

My daughter is dating a black guy what should I do

If your worried about her getting pg, then get her on some birth control, and talk to her about the safety. The wrong guy speaks disrespectfully to your daughter. All of this was a far cry from the upper middle class suburb of Cleveland where I was raised. Verified by Psychology Today.

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