Typographic matchmaking in the city documentary, arabic and iranian typography show unites middle east

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And what is reading other than walking in a virtual world. The typography takes part in engaging with the name of the bank. The thought of having an Arabic typography exhibit was always in the back of my head.

In art you see that it is also very much a creative process which brings across a specific message but usually addressing different issues but the principle is most definitely the same. This sculpture is a direct reflection of that, bringing forth a being that still has the creativity and delicateness in his work, yet the life in a foreign land has not influenced his identity. Still, there is much room for playing and sculpting in this field. No type collection is complete without them.

  1. The overall point is to educate our audience about what Arabic and Iranian typography is in our contemporary age.
  2. Located near a mosaic and stone walkway, the graffiti shows a hand print that vaguely resembles a heart, along with a footprint and a number.
  3. Pouya and I wanted to stay away from calligraphy that was traditionally done by hand according to the historical classical styles.
  4. This is such a time consuming and expensive process that when the computer started to be used it was replaced by digital type which is mostly used today.

Lastly, the importance and the challenges of locating a venue must be mentioned. Now to first get some terms straightened out. Apparently Connare was a big fan of comics. Our focus was on Arabic and Iranian contemporary typography, yet we were getting submissions that had traditional Arabic or Persian calligraphy. Although people never stopped making graffiti the way they did it in ancient times.

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  • We could explore the interesting realms of mediums and context that each piece in the show plays in the overall definition of Arabic and Iranian typography.
  • This is an interesting step that can also help you in understanding this world on its own.
  • The aim of the project in the City, is also to bring back the sense of belonging to fast growing multicultural cities in the Arabic environment.
  • Show your best ad work and get the recognition you deserve.

Playfulness is definitely the word I would use to describe the work of Karl Nawrot. Thereby, in a interview he gave to the blog Manystuff. These days she specializes in the maghrib this website uses cookies to improve your experience. If some well-known logos were replaced with Comic Sans, it would look rather homely, warm, guy inoffensive and simply unsuitable.

What better western understanding of the multi-script typographic matchmaking in the maghrib. Here, the focus is to bring the marriage between Arabic and Latin writing cultures to the three-dimensional city. Khatt foundation the typographic matchmaking in this website uses cookies to discuss the maghrib short documentary is part. Can we caught up with typeface in its best dating site for dorset edition of its third edition of european dutch. How can their passions and their art be exposed to the rest of society?

And it was not just for my sake, but also for audiences who were interested in learning more about contemporary Arabic typography. Veneri volo frangere costas fustibus et lumbos debilitare deae. The fact that many of the works were commissioned projects that answered to a certain client brief puts the context of this show into a typographic rather than calligraphic realm. Presentation by each participant took place at Mediamatic. The basic idea is thus to create new fonts that work both in Latin and Arabic, and especially to find types that create harmony between the different language structures.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Another important reason is the demand for Arabic identity in the West. Type in the word graffiti in Google and the masterpieces from Banksy immediately pop up. To see the knowledge being widespread is something akin to our initiative for both Arabic and Iranian.

Indeed the letters he draws seem to peel themselves off, falling into pieces. The greatest haters can also download a special Safari extension which changes Comic Sans websites into Helvetica! Emigre is not a company is just a group of people who are interesting in what they are doing! It is situated in front of the big old church St.

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My research question will start us out with some history to get a grip on all the different terms that are used to find out what Lineto actually does. So to say, his typefaces carriers are far from being all traced beforehand. The exhibition includes local and Middle East client work as well as self-initiated projects. Local Not Local is demonstrative about the ways in which artists from both sides of the equation meet in the middle, what Maece and Pouya refer to as the third space. But luckily we had enough help from our friends to make it come to life.

For now, you can read our interview below. And we all know the Egyptian wall decorations and that only because of those we know the history of ancient Egypt. Bruni and Krebs developed their own typographical brand. The trip included launching the project, briefing the teams, discussing the general concept and requirements.

Typographic Matchmaking in the City The Film - Khatt Foundation

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Arabic and Iranian Typography Show Unites Middle East

Most visuals reflect beliefs in the evil eye, envy, and ask the protection of God. This is so we could explore the contemporary side of this discipline and break the notion that Arabic and Iranian typography is only about calligraphy. Home Typographic matchmaking in the maghrib.

Primary Menu Warsaw Local. However, what unifies them all is the Arabic alphabet, and at times the Arabic language. Founded in these years, coinciding with the birth of the Macintosh, dating a songwriter Emigre was one of the first independent type foundries to establish itself centered on personal computer technology. Amin Salami Pargoo on Kufi style.

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It was something new, unseen and fun-looking. Does it carry a clear presence of Arabic and Iranian typography? The show explored the current happenings in the Middle East in regard to visual culture and society. The text is created out of dots in both language structures.

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Typographic Matchmaking in the Maghrib (2015 2017)

And the Middle Eastern culture is a vast melting pot of several languages and ethnic backgrounds. These items should be solid and visible, though not necessarily visible with the eye. They discuss cultural challenges, influences, over sixty dating and inspirations and explain their plans for spreading their movement. Pouya and Maece flank Ed Fella.

The medium, the tool, and the physicality of this process are amongst the most definitive aspects of calligraphy. Each team also deals with a different subject. For a long time graffiti was in the form of prehistoric cave paintings that were often placed in ceremonial and sacred locations inside of the caves. At the end of the process the result is used to bring across a specific message to the viewer. Still Karl Nawrot is not only experiencing with typography, he is also an illustrator but those two interests tend to meet again through the approach he uses.

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The two terms had more clear meanings before the start of desktop publishing but faded. Web site description for the final touches on exhibit in lebanon? By using tools he creates himself, he lets the door ajar to imagination, not exhibiting the letter as a final assertion but as a possibility. It will be a bilingual studio focusing on Latin lettering as well as Arabic. They are still full of energy and looking into the future, and days are filled with new, exciting projects and creative challenges of all kinds.

Thankfully, Louise Sandhaus was kind enough to be our guidance counselor from afar on this path. Si potest illa mihi tenerum pertundere pectus quit ego non possim caput illae frangere fuste? Typefoundries used to sell their typefaces made out of wood or metal and matrices that were used for line-casting machines like Linotype and Monotype.

Lebanese trucks are filled with typographic sentences, some painted directly and others are vinyl letter shapes and illustrations stuck on any side of a moving truck. As part making-of and the optimal use of the project of the typographic matchmaking is part making. This context the typographic matchmaking in its third edition of projects are.

Typographic Matchmaking in the City

The shape proved to be a mixture of both Latin and Arabic words, translating each other and forming a common text. Like a silent army, arranged according to there ranking, there are ready to take a new formation. As if it was not enough, who is wiz dating this font proves to be contagious.

In our show, we wanted to see just how experimental the definition of Arabic and Iranian typography could be pushed, to what limit. Also in the works is a bilingual cookbook that experiments with food, typography, and cultural vernacular of the Middle East. The top winners will be featured in Print magazine and all winners will be featured online. There is a lot to say about the project.

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