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Department of the Interior U. See research for more information. Peter Lacovara, an Egyptologist and curator at the Michael C.

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Journal of the Ancient Chronology Forum. One proponent of the haloclasty process is Dr James A.

Schoch states that wind erosion forms distinctive horizontal bands, whereas the water erosion features are clearly vertical. Locating the position of the mids bomb peak is difficult due to the required high density of vertical sampling and, therefore, is often an impractical means of obtaining ground-water age information. One of the alternative erosion mechanisms proposed is called haloclasty. Index Major topics Glossary of artifacts.

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Dissertation, Department of Geology, Indiana University. Tritium measurements alone can be used to locate the depth of the mids bomb peak, but, because of radioactive decay, many samples may need to be collected and analyzed today to locate its position. Reader disagrees with Schoch's palaeometeorological estimates, and instead concludes that the Sphinx dates to the Early Dynastic Period c. References Cited Bayer, positive and R. Some geologists have proposed alternative explanations for the evidence of weathering in the Sphinx enclosure.

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  1. From his investigation of the enclosure's geology, Schoch concluded the main type of weathering evident on the Sphinx enclosure walls was caused by prolonged and extensive rainfall.
  2. It is accepted by Schoch et al.
  3. Egyptology Egyptologists Museums.
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  • Reader cites evidence of flood water damage in another location to illustrate this.
  • As such, Christiansen determined that there was no geological evidence to suggest the Sphinx was carved earlier than any other monuments on the Giza plateau.
  • When the moisture dries the salt crystallises, and the expanding crystals cause a fine layer of surface limestone to flake off.
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Christiansen found evidence that shows that at least some of the erosion took place before the Sphinx was carved. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Columbia University Press. Timeline of the Ancient Near East. Moisture on limestone will dissolve salts, 90's dating show studs which are then carried by percolating moisture into the spaces inside the porous limestone.

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